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Black Dog

Lyle Kerr, President and Founder

Eight years ago my in - house accountant relocated and one day I found myself without someone in arguably the most critical job in my companies and for days I lost sleep over how I was going to cover that position. I interviewed many people for the position and fortunately for me Alison responded to my opening. Obviously I hired Alison and even though my companies present unique accounting challenges Alison has met and exceeded those challenges to the point that I wouldn't use anyone else. Alison has always been available when I've needed her expertise and I can assure you that if you use Alison's services you will be very satisfied. When ever Alison has had to act on behalf of my companies she has always acted professionally and represented us extremely well. Alison has proven to be very trustworthy and everyone knows how important that attribute is in that position. When looking for someone to fill this position choose someone with a proven track record, I did and I won't use anyone else. 

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