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Does your money have civil rights?

Happy Thanksgiving! I know you would NEVER think of eating an undercooked turkey. But just as abominable at TDTA is the idea of emailing sensitive information. We have a secure portal for your use to upload documents, provide social security numbers, and communicate all types of sensitive information without the risk associated with email.

More free advice! Underpayment penalty notices were sent by the IRS this week. You might be asking yourself, "why did I have a penalty?? I paid my tax when I filed!" Well, spoiler alert, taxes aren't due when you file, they are due timely during the year. If you are concerned you might have an underpayment penalty for 2023, watch the below video to help you minimize that risk.

An insightful observation this week by my teen:

She overheard someone talking to me this week about being 'just a tax preparer'. The individual couldn't comprehend how things were so busy in November! My daughter said, "it's more than numbers, it's more like law". Which I agree with, my work is more about proper application of the IRS regulations and case law than adding up numbers. As Piper continued to muse, she said, "she's kind of like a civil rights attorney for your money". Spoken like a future libertarian! Well said! You can go to any old tax preparer, but do you want someone working proactively to protect your financial resources?


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