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I'd rather see my doctor than my CPA

You’ve scheduled your appointment, what happens next? I'm here to help give you some expectations going into a New Client Appointment. If you are a new client, we are going to visit and we’re going to talk through your situation. If you have, what we call, compliance issues, then, yes, you would probably rather talk to your doctor, because catching up on those past due returns, digging through those IRS notices can feel like an unmedicated colonoscopy. I promise I won't make you dig for things that aren't helpful, I won't give you busy work that isn't helpful.

I have a secure file server that you can upload your documents to, if we don’t get together one on one in person. This is where you can upload any documents that you think would be helpful so I can look at them previous to our appointment time.

The appointment will last approximately 50 minutes and we will go through things such as:

  • What your expenses might be

  • What your income sources are

  • What your household looks like

We will sit down in your interview and we’ll talk through these things and figure out what might else be missing. So don't stress about whether you have everything in hand in time for your appointment, it’s fine if you don’t. I’ll leave you a list with what to send back to me that you can upload into my secure file server if you’d like, you can email me, you can fax it to me, it’ll be fine.

You don’t have to come really prepared with anything, if you have your materials together, that’s great! If you don't, don't be afraid. We’ll figure it all out together.

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